Bruno (2009)



Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again. His new film blows the door off conventional comedy and raises the bar to a different level from his previous triumph “Borat.” Bruno is another created alter ego, a high fashion Austrian, celebrity obsessed queer reporter that smashes every stereotype imaginable on his way  to self discovery and love.

The film opens quickly with him covering fashion week in Europe and how he tricks his way backstage and destroys a fashion show, barring him from future shows. We’re also introduced to his gay love object. The spectacle in the hotel room is disturbing, hysterical and offensive, which is an accurate description for several episodes throughout the film. It’s this bravado that separates Sachan from everyone else, not only in comedy but the entire cinematic landscape. He has no peer.

From Europe, he stops over quickly in Africa and then onto Los Angeles to find fame and fortune, his loyal assistant tagging along. After a few failed attempts, he finally finds his niche, bonding unexpectedly with his assistant. Along the way, he has several unbelievable interviews, which always scratches at the back of your head “Is this for real?” It’s his audacity that allows him to pull it off, victimizing celebrities, politicians, terrorists, but most importantly, exposing everyone equally, sparing no one from showing their true light as the world watches, their unexpected audience.

Not suprisingly, a few people left the film while it played. This should be expected with any unique work, almost desired for someone with his ambition. Overall, the audience was completely engaged, laughing in sync with everyone else. I’m going to see it again and you should too.


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